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December 6, 2017

Dear Customer:

On behalf of the entire Gulf Unbranded team in Pennsylvania, we are excited to be contacting you today.  On November 1, 2017, Gulf Oil L.P. began a project to restructure our unbranded sales to better serve you, and to provide more opportunities and be more proactive in this dynamic market. On January 1st 2018 the responsibility and management of the unbranded sales and marketing for the Pennsylvania region, including rack and deal sales, will transition to the team based in Harrisburg Pa. Though this will require little change on your part, we are working towards making the transition seamless for you.

Gulf is changing how we actively manage and market between the Gulf brand and the Unbranded market.  The Gulf brand will continue to stay centralized and based in Boston Massachusetts, while the Unbranded will be managed by region. In the Pennsylvania market served by our terminals, our customers will be managed by the local terminal managers, area customer service representatives, and the regional management team under Lucknow-Highspire Terminals LLC dba Gulf Oil Unbranded PA in a model like the former Pyramid Petroleum Terminals and including the Gulf facilities in Delmont and Fullerton.  There are no changes in payment or credit or net payment terms and your current company information that is on file including current customer and driver records will continue to be utilized.  The billing will be coming from the Highspire office and will list items such as additive and red dye (the way Pyramid billed previously) as a line item rather than lumping it all together in the rack price.   In order to ensure a seamless transition, we are requesting your assistance with the attached forms that are specific to LHT and are required to conduct business under this new restructuring.  The majority of these forms contain the same language as the ones you filled out for Gulf, we simply need LHT referenced as the counterparty.  Please complete, sign, and return by email, to

The Gulf unbranded team in the Pennsylvania region is excited to serve you in the most efficient way.  Direct contact information for the terminal managers and office personnel is listed for your convenience. Please reach out to the specific terminal manager, relationship manager or office personnel directly to help in any way .


Direct Phone #

Email Address


Steve Rose


Altoona Terminal Manager

Kevin Beatty


Highspire Terminal Manager

Joe Buckman


Mechanicsburg Terminal Manager

Mike Bradley


Coraopolis Terminal Manager

Tom Leatherman


Neville Island Terminal Manager

Jim Boyle


Northumberland Terminal Manager

Mike Lynn


Dupont Terminal Manager

Don Miller


Sinking Spring Terminal Manager

Shawn Hartney


Allentown & Fullerton Terminal Manager

Matt Hornak


Delmont Terminal Supervisor

Greg Johnston


Regional Director

Brad Neff


Regional Manager



Direct Phone #

Email Address


Mary Shipley


Account set-up, payment, billing & customer service

Dave Trupe


Customer relationships, education and fuel quality

Eric Walker


Additives and fuel quality, new product set up

Doug Engle


Pipeline nominations, scheduling and Hydrocarbon trading

Meghan Greenway


Renewable fuels trading and scheduling

Brian Gerhart


Thru-put, sales, marketing and business development

Mike DeStefano


Credit and finance

Charlene Wallace


Renewable fuels and scheduling

Heather Hassinger


Inventory, terminal, pipeline, & Invoice reconciliation

The demands and opportunities in the unbranded market are dynamic and Gulf is well suited to serve you in this challenging environment.  We as a team are excited about this change and view it as an opportunity to prove to you that we value your business.   Again, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


The Entire Gulf Unbranded PA Marketing Team



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