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Thank you for visiting our website. Our desire was to create a useful website to better serve our customers. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.

Pyramid LLC. Petroleum Terminals (PPT’s) facilities store and distribute gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, and kerosene which are shipped on common carrier pipelines into our large aboveground petroleum storage tank facilities. Our pipeline terminal facilities store these products and load them into our customer’s trucks for delivery to gasoline stations, convenience stores, truck stops, and home heating oil customers. PPT handles the petroleum storage and distribution on a fee for service basis for many of Pennsylvania's major oil companies and large regional convenience store chains. These companies transport the gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, and kerosene by truck from PPT's pipeline terminals to their retail outlets or for retail delivery. PPT also sells these same products to unbranded petroleum distributors for the same purposes.

At PPT we are not only proud of what we do, but even more so in how we treat our customers and each other. Embodied in our corporate culture are the concepts of mutual respect, trust, lots of fun, customer focus, self-initiative, teamwork, winning, moving ever-forward, enabling a safe working environment for our employees and surrounding neighbors, and being good environmental stewards of the land, water, and air granted us by our Creator.  A visionary once summed up some of these ideals in his sayings which we strive to carry on, some of them being:

“Our company is the type of place where you pick up the heavy end first.”
“Anyone can make a showing, but true success is measured over time.”
“There ain’t no magic.”
“Don’t be too hard on people, most people never had anyone that showed them how to be.”
“Don’t confuse spending money with making any real progress.”
“Work’s more fun than fun.”

These are the sort of philosophies we apply to work every day in working with each other and in serving you. We’re truly blessed to have such wonderful people with which to do business and look forward to continually deepen our relationship with you and to serve you the very best that we can. Thank you for visiting our website, but most of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity of serving you.


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